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Oct 2, 2012 5:00pm PDT
with this 25 year-old that was in a red carole chum chute showed no emotion. with the new charges he was in a red- michel jump suit. already with the attempted abduction in late september. he is now accused of trying to take pictures of young girls at washington elementary in daly city in the month of march. >> we say that he was in a bathroom stall. taking pictures of four different girls. he heard and thought that they heard a camera and got a teacher but they did not know who it was. he does not have a record. however, there was no data base for checking his sexual predator identity. and these photos, were shown and she said that is the guy. >> his photograph has not been made public because there could be more victims. prosecutors say that he is implicated in incidences at four different schools. facing 19 charges for of those charges are a felony charges. >> our team coverage continues we went to george washington elementary in daly city. to resel teresa estacio. there were relieved to hear this a arrest. >> as parents lined up to pick up these children at george waand washingto
Oct 10, 2012 5:00pm PDT
will run a bunch of highlights but we have a very interesting story with this coach of the week. carol williams, the association from the 49ers, and they go from a perfect 4-0 this year, 19-0. what did you do for the off season to become a genius? >> i would not say that i'm a genius. but i am commanded some things in the program that i found a successful in the past. and i wanted to make a turn for the better. >> you lived in a little that some coaching here, there and not that are you in your 40's? >> i am 50s. >> i am 50 years old. >> your a driver for ups over 20 years how to become a coach? >> i was coaching and i was always involved in athletics. my oldest son wanted to play football. and i did not play a lot of football as a youth i was from north oakland/berkeley play basketball. and i decided that perhaps i should study what i need to learn. i started traveling around the country of visiting coaching clinics and getting myself and getting my foot in the door. . >> how would you sell yourself? if you were talking to the school district. if they asked if you played. and if to sa
Oct 22, 2012 5:00pm PDT
into a little tit-for-tat after the game. both are now crouching in the pros. carol is on its 2 are those same receivers were overwhelmed. >> i'm not going to comment on or get paraphrases or let that be are let someone " someone else and then have a reaction to it. people pretty much know that we are old school and names won't hurt us. >> the 49ers next up are in arizona on monday night. another one of those if you don't win they throw you out. the carolina panthers have fired their john manager following their teams 1 and 5 start. he took the team to the super bowl and championship games but they have not made the titles. he is also being banned from the sport. >> ucla as banning lance armstrong from cycling and stripping him of his seventh tour de france titles. lance armstrong has no place in cycling. >> they are banding armstrong from cycling and stripping him of his seventh order french titles. they say overwhelming evidence of a doping program on his professional teams. he has denied but has lost sponsorships from night to lea golfer six months after the white house word had surgery. th
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3